Heating a Swimming Pool: Cheapest Ways to Heat your Pool this off-season

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Six Inexpensive Methods of Pool Heating

Nothing is comparable with swimming in a warm pool in autumn when the summer has lost its heat. However, everything comes at a cost. The regular prices for heating a pool vary from $300-$1000 monthly, and it also depends on the pool size. Don’t worry yet; lots of methods can help you heat your pool at a meager cost. Here is a list of seven inexpensive ways to heat your pool.

1.  Solar Cover

The solar cover is among the most profitable ways to maintain heat in a swimming pool. Evaporation is the chief reason for heat loss in a pool. When the heat increases, water upsurges to the pool surface and then evaporated into the air, this process happens during the day when sunlight is obtainable. The solar cover is a defensive lid and is intended to engross solar heat and decreases evaporation. The first cost rate depends upon the size of your pool. However, it’s not so high or closer to breaking the bank.

2.  Purchase Solar Run Rings

Solar run rings have the same function as solar cover. It depends on your inclination if you need a complete cover or multiple smaller rings at the top of the pool that you can move around. Solar rings reduce evaporation and heat your pool via solar energy as the solar cover does. But solar rings can be moved on the pool, and also, they are easier to cover a pool instead of spending time finding a cover that fits the pool accurately.

3.  Get a Liquid Solar Pool Cover

A liquid solar pool cover has the same function as a solar cover or solar rings, i.e., opposes evaporation and reduces heat loss. A liquid solar pool cover is a type of cover in which a liquid is poured into a pool that makes an invisible liquid fence that stays above the water. The liquid layer decreases evaporation and hence declines heat loss. The liquid is biodegradable and is impeccably harmless to swim, and it has no toxic chemicals. Though it may not work for you if your pool is in a windy location, it won’t be effective because the wind can break the liquid barrier.

4.  Construct a Windproof Pool Enclosure

The windproof enclosure is the perfect solution for warming your pool if you live in a windy land. The water surface is altered by wind, due to which the warm water escapes from the pool surface. Windproof shelters pool from wind and hence safeguards them from heat loss. Moreover, a significant advantage is that pool is accessible to you in any weather, i.e., shine or rain, if you are using a windproof pool enclosure. The price varies, relying on the pool size and material used to construct the enclosure.

5.  Black Hose Trick

Though the method is somehow complicated, it can heat your pool at a meager cost. The black hose trick utilizes the sun’s energy in a simple but cunning way to heat your pool. Buy a black garden hose, untie the host and link it to the water tap outside your house. Then, take the hose to a place where it can get direct sunlight, and shawl the hose in a coil form in the direct sunlight. Take the remaining hose to the pool. The water will be warmed by sun energy as it flows from the hose into the pool and takes warm water into your pool.

6.  Catch a Pool Heat Pump

A Pool heat pump is a worthy asset. It takes warm air from the atmosphere and then heats the pool using that air via a low energy procedure. During this process, the heat is harvested from the atmosphere and transferred into your pool water. The water will be heated very quickly as compared to other methods. Moreover, the pool heat pump solely depends on the temperature, not the sun. The efficiency of the pool heat pump won’t be affected by solar energy.


Make an Amalgamation of Pool Heat Pump and Solar Cover

This process may be a bit costly, but it’s the perfect way to heat your pool for less. Your pool can be warmed safely and stays warm as long as you want if you associate a solar ring or cover with a pool heat pump. The cloudy days and nights will be covered by a pool heat pump, whereas the solar rings or cover works for the sunny days. You will get a warm pool for a more extended period with a less price using this combo. For more information visit us at: https://bluewaterspoolservices.com/best-pool-heater/


Best Options for Pool Heaters

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Are you in search of some ways to benefit from your swimming pool for years to come?

Each year, we meet a lot of people across Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia with their underground pond projects at River Pools, and we get a lot of queries about pool heaters. Here, today we will talk about the advantages of pool heating, various pool heating options, and how much you spend at the beginning of each option and monthly.

Why should I heat my pool?

It’s a good question! Your swimming period can stay only for 3 to 4 months without a pool heater. On the other hand, if you add a pool heater, your swimming season can get extended for two months or even more, depending on the climate and location.

We are aware that children love swimming pools, and end time may disappoint them, but with the addition of a pool heater, you and your kids can have as much fun as possible.

How many types of swimming pool heaters are there?

About three kinds of pool heaters are there:

How do Pool Heaters operate?

In southern climates, solar swimming pool heaters are very effective around the year and lengthen swim time in colder weather climates. The pool pump flows water via the heater, which uses solar energy, and it’s usually placed on the rooftop or a frame built in the yard. However, one of its drawbacks is that you need a system equivalent to 50 to 100 percent of the pool surface. Solar energy requires no cost, but the pool pump needs to be running, so the solar heater can work properly. It can enhance your electric bills.


Electric heat pumps astonishingly using sun energy; you must be wondering how’s that possible. The air is warmed by the sun, and heat is pulled from the air, then transmitted to the water. This heater needs approximately 12°C (55°F) or even higher temperatures to work properly.


Either natural gas or propane is used by the gas pool heaters. The heaters burn their fuel in a combustion chamber, as they are working independently of the external temperature situation. The water from your pool passes through the copper coils and comes back to the pool warm.



How can I save money through electric heat pumps?

Although the solar pumps are free of cost, you still have to leave the pump running to perform its work. Due to this, your electric bill raises from $300 to $950 per year. Depending on the fuel you choose for gas heaters, they range from $300 to $500 a year. Electric heat pumps are very effective and require only $50 to $100 a month. We have noticed that about 19 to 20 consumers select electric heat pumps because they have low operating costs and high performance.  


Depending on the climate and location of a place, expand the average use of pools for 2-3 months. The pool’s extension per year is defined by the temperature needs (55°F or more), depending on the location.


The heat pump will effectively manage temperatures almost all year round in areas like Louisiana and Texas. Heat pumps can increase pool usage by about two months in areas like Virginia. Pool heaters are not optional in places like Ohio. For keeping the water temperature comfortable, heat is needed.


The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Pool Heater Company

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Cleaning your pool by yourself can be a tiresome job, it requires you to pay more attention to it, and if something comes up and you fail to maintain your pool properly, you could end up with a very green pool and a tedious job of getting it back to its healthy state. Many pool owners, therefore, opt to enroll in the services of a pool expert to regularly clean and maintain their swimming pool. Apart from saving time, by hiring a professional, you could rest assured that your pool will be in a better and healthier state with little fuss. Below are a few benefits you should expect from outsourcing your pool maintenance.

1. Save Time

It can be a real time saver if you hire a swimming pool management company to carry out the regular tasks concerning swimming pool maintenance. A typical pool will take less than an hour of cleaning every week depending on the natural fallout level of things such as bugs, dirt, debris, and leaves in the pool. During this time, there will be brushing of walls, pool vacuuming, filter backwashing, as well as testing and balancing of the swimming pool’s chemistry.

Also, a pool professional will be equipped with a stock of chemicals and so will not be required to make more trips back to the store to find a suitable chemical compound for your pool. In case a chemical compound runs out, there will be a replacement made immediately, no fuss. For those events when there is the need for a specialist chemical compound for an issue, the same is true; this saves more time that you could have used instead to research the problem in more depth and determining the solution.

2. Save Cash on Repairs

If you aren’t a pool chemist who is confident in his or her ability to properly manage and balance your pool chemistry, then certain mistakes could be expensive. Hiring a pool professional will secure your pool from possible accidents and, in turn, prolong your pool’s life. A pool professional, by comparison, will have better and the right tools for the job, which will bring more effective results. Instead of using the ordinary test trips to measure the levels of your pool, a pool professional will have a digital photometer which is more effective and provide more accurate readings even with other parameters.

3. Reduced Risk of Storing Chemicals

It can be dangerous to handle swimming pool chemicals. They require the right storage where they are kept from the elements to prevent spoilage. A good example is chlorine, which will degrade when left in the sunlight. There are also safety risks you need to be extra careful with, for instance, Calcium Hypochlorite is known to be a highly flammable oxidizer. Once mixed with certain organic compounds, this chemical will set alight. Having a considerable amount of these chemicals will minimize the risk of problems, and with the help of a professional, the problem might be eliminated. An expert’s eye will identify any issue that can result in a problem and advice accordingly. For more information please visit https://bluewaterspoolservices.com/best-pool-heater/

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Pro For Swimming Pool Maintenance

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A lot of people have a pool or are dreaming of living in a house that has one. Lots of people are always thinking about all the time they are going to spend in their pool during the summer. However, they don’t take consideration of the maintenance required for their pool. If you have just realized that your pool requires some amount of work, then you understand that every pool needs a professional who can properly handle the maintenance. Below are a few reasons explaining why.

1. You’ll Save Lots of Time By Hiring a Pro

If you have a full-time job, then you might not have lots of additional time that you can set aside for caring or attending to your pool. If you choose to do all the work by yourself, you should be prepared to spend tons of free time cleaning and maintaining your pool. By outsourcing all the work to an expert, you won’t have to waste lots of time making sure your pool is kept clean and well-maintained. Since every task will be professionally handled for you, you’ll have more time set aside for yourself.

2. A Pro Can Identify Possible Problems

If your pool is not well-maintained, you could run into all sorts of issues. These could include things like your pool ending up with a clogged filter, your pool having a chemical imbalance that makes swimming a challenge, or your pool could end up getting very dirty. Once you hire a pro, they will assist you in staying away from all of these issues. As a result, your pool will be in its best performance. The right person will make sure that your pool remains in great shape and alert you in case of anything.

3. A Clean Pool Allows More Time For Swimming

Your pool will not be all that welcoming if it is dirty most of the time. Although you could use a skimmer to clean out your swimming pool before jumping in, this could be time-consuming. With a pool guy around, you can rest assured that your pool will always remain clean. In turn, you can swim whenever you feel like, which will be more frequent compared to the DIY approach.

4. It is Never that Expensive to Hire a Pro

There are lots of people that overestimate the costs involved in enrolling in the services of a pool company. There are lots of pool companies out there with reasonable prices, even though there are some companies that charge high rates. Before you assume that hiring pros is beyond your budget, you should get to know the charges you will incur. It might catch you by surprise when you find out what the real costs are. Majority of pool owners find it worthy of hiring pool pros once they discover how affordable it can actually be.

There are very many benefits you could enjoy once you hire an expert to maintain your pool. If you have an interest in these types of perks, you should start checking out some of your area’s pool service companies that can meet your needs.

Things To Consider In A Respectable Pool Service Company

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After the construction of a swimming pool, it’s prudent to look out for a pool service provider. These service providers carry out an excellent job of maintaining the cleanliness of the pool, making sure it remains bacteria free, doing repairs, and many other crucial duties. Since there are lots of service providers out there, it can be challenging to find a respectable one. Below are a few factors to look out for before hiring a reputable pool service.

Things To Consider In A Respectable Pool Service Company

1. Company’s Reputation

When choosing the service provider to hire, it is vital that you review their reputation first. Access to lots of information is relatively easy nowadays. You could get information about the company from past clients, family, or even friends. However, the most suitable way to find information about the company’s reputation is by checking out the online reviews. Majority of websites include a review section, which you can easily browse through the reviews. In case you find out that a particular company has lots of negative reviews, you should be cautious and probably choose a different company.

2. Years of Experience

The years of experience of a specific pool service company that you intend to hire has a significant impact on how the pool will be cared for and managed. Companies that have years of experience in the industry have gained relevant skills and insight that makes them deliver a quality service compared to new companies. Also, experienced companies tend to have more inclusive service packages. This is because they have dealt with a variety of types and models of pools; thus, they can deal with any kinds of pools.

3. The Type of Services Provided

Since different individuals have different needs, different companies deliver various services. So when hiring a residential pool’s service provider, their service package should include cleaning and maintenance services since that is the main objective. If you’re planning to save cash in the long term, choose a company that provides repairs, maintenance, and cleaning services all at once. If you employ different companies to carry out roles independently, it will cost you more cash.

4. Cost Involved

It is prudent to differentiate the prices of various since they could be different, yet they deliver the same services. Go for a company that has reasonable prices. Having said that, opting for a cheap company may not be the best idea. The main reason behind that is that cheap companies may not be equipped with the latest and right tools, skilled personnel, and other necessities that might be of importance in maintaining the swimming pool in its pristine conditions. After making the comparison of a variety of companies, you will gain more understanding of what is expected from a reputable company.

It can be somewhat challenging to pick the most suitable pool service company. By doing some thorough research, however, you can identify a great one. Do yourself a favour, get a qualified and experienced pool contractor right away to assist with you with the tedious job.