If you’re dating a Capricorn, you’ve probably noticed that he’s more serious and diligent than the average sign. Although he might lack the physical talents of some other signs, he is always determined to succeed. Because of his can-do attitude, he is likely to reach his goals. He also has an interest in learning new things.

In love, a Capricorn wants stability in the relationship. This sign is a no-nonsense player and will consider long-term commitments carefully before committing to someone. A Capricorn is compatible with Taurus and Virgo, both earth signs that share his practical nature and commitment to building an empire.

Capricorn’s phases begin and end in December. Their first phase begins on the 21st or 22nd of December and ends on the 20th of January. These dates change every four years. The dates of Capricorn are also affected by leap years. For example, the Capricorn season will begin on December 21, 2021, and last until January 19, 2022.

In traditional star divination, a dates of capricorn ruling planet is Saturn. Saturn is also known as Cronus in Greek mythology, which means “Father Time.” This is the planet of discipline, punctuality, and conservation of material resources. It teaches tough lessons and directs people to the finish line.

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